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April 1, 2013

Silence I need to think…

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After many months of non blogging ( besides technical blogging which does not count) I sometimes wonder why i stopped.. I guess it’s because I had little formulated to say..

I did see really interesting things in this gap of time probably most inspiring of which was this TED talk. This regards Elon Musk who in my opinion is one of the pivotal people today man who might be elect into a higher level than people like Da Vinci, Einstein and others, but that ’s just me … why ?? Well he is driving the most transitional technologies that will possibly drive man into the future in my opinion:

He is driving / drove forward  :

Money ( taking a large bite out of  banks democratizing ebay and online trust and money exchanging )… Paypal

Space faring  …  SpaceX

Electric Cars …. Tesla

Solar energy … Solar City

Who knows what else..

Any way back to my silence. I have changed my life around these past months.. So this is what went on in a nutshell:

Had a a dismount with my previous employer. I was working for a high stress high short term gain and maniac company. My boss was a nice guy but despite a massive over-compensatory character  had no leadership skills.  So what happened was I got demotivated and overworked. Attempts to reinvent my approach just deteriorated my situation and I ended up crossing lines I was never even informed were there.

I waited to write about this to have the luxury of perspective. Now I have it. I left my job half-heartedly but that was for the better. Got on a plane left the coutry for some free-lance work in Wales.. Loved the place.. Did some odd online jobs still hating myself for loosing the job I had before..

Very hard not to beat one’s self down when you feel guilty of not fulfilling your duties and feel like you had let down your team. I went through some dark times but then I recovered my faith in my skills and worked my arse off to retrace my steps in my subject and become good at what I want to do …

This came thanks to the support of my loving family and especially my wife. That alone made me realize how lucky I am  to have such a loving and supporting wife.

I now have a new job which is great, while a bit chaotic it is very stimulating and the people are really great to work with. A breadth of fresh air… I stuck with the same career which for me is a strange thing since in the IT industry I was kind of all over the place.

Faith in ones self and keeping up your game is hard when you are isolated but it’s important to all the people going through transition keep up your pace. Even if you think it’s a waste of time DO NOT LET GO, take the free time as a blessing and use it to improve yourself.

The silence of the after shock gave me perspective and I am grateful to life for the changes i am presented with even if at first sight they look like disasters..

Now I have one new target … I need to get quiet inside..

I am still fighting a general internal state of Chaos which I think I am getting under control..

( Chaos came up with a capital C .. mmh i think it indicative that the monster is still in there.. )

I just need to think …

Will blog more It’s therapeutic.


  1. Congrats :-)

    Comment by Marv — April 2, 2013 @ 11:57 am

  2. Hey thanks..

    Comment by admin — April 2, 2013 @ 5:47 pm

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