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October 2, 2013

Vampires .. around us

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When people mention vampires what comes to mind are teen pop movies or Braham stokers’ Dracula. Obviously movies have played such a part to convince us there is a real mythology based around these “creatures of the night”.

I wondered what would cause this interest and glamour in creatures that technically would be our predators.. and I think I get it ..

The greatness of this mythology lies in the large mixture of feelings that these creatures inspire and their powers:

1) Glamour and Enchantment

2) Immortality (within limits)

3) Power of flight

4) Regeneration

5) Wisdom

6) Power and strength

7) That air of superiority (who knows why ?? but really who wouldn’t ?)

8) And the well fabled and advertized amazing sex.

Once these “supermen” are described some kryptonite is added for fair play, otherwise we’re kind of screwed how could man survive if he cannot fight back? Only option would be fight back. Sleeping by day, a stake through the heart while they conveniently react to silver. In the olden days even fear of crosses and christian symbols reminiscent of excorscism.

This is the nature of man his love and glorification of his fears and dreams have no limits.

This fight between good and evil.. so impressive .. a glorification of either side , the pious and the satanist, . The bright and darkness.

What’s kind of ironic is that in the future man might probably end up with these powers ( or most of them ) bestowed upon him. With the twists and turns of science the future is going to be a very cool by strange place..

I can already see the tension between the puritans and the augmented. ( kind of like naturists vs tummy tucking silicone implants factions of the cosmetic surgery arguments but exponentiated.)

I quite wonder what would happen if man’s dreams came through …

Luckily till now the only real vampires around us are Lawyers,  and the Governments.

good night …

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